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Top 10 Employee Engagement Companies in APAC - 2021

In the wake of the worldwide crisis, companies have assessed their current employee engagement practices and taken measures to rectify errors and improve results. Digital channels have quickly become the standard when it comes to communication methods. The switch to digital has also helped create a sense of belonging amongst a dispersed and isolated workforce. By offering employees social spaces in which to meet, chat, and share, employee engagement software has helped restore the workplace culture that had been missing for so long especially during the past year.

Health and wellbeing has become a primary concern due to the pandemic as a majority of employees reported an increase in feelings of isolation, stress, and anxiety during the lockdowns. New employee engagement initiatives are not only about avoiding a costly insurance bill but instead connecting with employees on a more emotional level. On a similar note, leadership communication is evolving from the traditional formal corporate tone to a more authentic and empathetic approach. The need for the employee voice to be heard has never been more acute. Employee feedback is being given a high priority and is one of the global trends transforming the workplace.

At this juncture, there are a wide variety of companies entering the industry with a set of advanced employee engagement solutions. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed employee engagement solutions, HR Tech Outlook APAC has compiled a list of ‘Top 10 Employee Engagement Companies – 2021.’ The enlisted organizations offer solutions that help leaders and managers quickly identify insights and take action that lead to increased employee engagement, higher retention, and better productivity. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook APAC’s, “Top 10 Employee Engagement Companies – 2021.”

    Top Employee Engagement Companies in APAC

  • Achievers Solutions offers employee voice and recognition solutions bring your organization’s values and strategy to life by activating employee participation and accelerating a culture of performance. They harness the science behind behavior change to allow organizations and their people experience sustainable, data-driven business outcomes across the globe. The Achievers Employee ExperienceTM platform is an employee voice and recognition solution to help nurture engagement and sustainable performance in organizations. This helps drive employee participation, improves adoption, and renders real business results, developing a healthy environment to allow employees to showcase the best productivity of their lives

  • BI WORLDWIDE is a global engagement agency that uses the principles of behavioral economics to produce measurable business results by designing and delivering solutions that engage employees, channel partners, and customers. The company leverages the principles of behavioral economics to deliver measurable business results through their offerings. BI WORLDWIDE brings to bear several solutions to activate employee value proposition (EVP). They offer multiple onboarding programs, employee and manager training, recognition and rewards, communication strategies and campaigns, and much more. What differentiates BI WORLDWIDE is the unique approach of building solutions keeping in mind the impact of thought and emotion, fused with human behavior and decisions

  • Talent Tools is a one-stop-shop for workplace diagnostic and developmental reports, training resources, accreditation training, and in-house workshops. Based in Brisbane, Australia, the firm has been providing scientifically-validated workplace assessments tools for every stage of the employee life cycle for over ten years now. Today, Talent Tools is recognised as a wholesale provider and certification body for the best available productivity enhancement and workplace wellbeing tools, psychometric instruments and systems.Talent Tools helps people to improve their relationships at work by giving them the tools they need to create psychological safety, practice compassion, and have more kind conversations with each other

  • Virgin Pulse offers a mobile-first platform and focus on behavior change, the company engages employees every day in cultivating habits that drive positive outcomes across all aspects of health and well-being. Of several entities of employee well-being, health is one of the foremost catering to which Virgin Pulse offers its Homebase for Health®, aiming to simplify the health journey for individuals and help them take action for their personal goals. Virgin Pulse also assists organizations in tracking employee well-being and its effect on the organization by delivering rich reports and actionable insights

  • Zendesk is a leader in HR help desk software, which aids companies to treat their employees as customers. Because of this, a company not only can reduce attrition issue but also foster a culture of more empowered, satisfied employees and consumers, where everyone reaps the rewards. Zendesk’s HR helpdesk software is built on a very simple yet effective model. Just as a traditional IT helpdesks deal with incidents and restore normal service operation as quickly as possible, minimizing its adverse effect on business operations, Zendesk’s HR helpdesk achieves the same for employee issues. Its multi-channel request management tools give HR teams the power to streamline operations for happier, engaged employee

  • Enboarder


    Enboarder is a B2B SaaS HR tech company that transforms employee onboarding into an ongoing, engaging, rich and consistent experience. By providing all the tools necessary for organizations to maximize employee engagement for today’s digital generation, the company enables HR to design beautiful, engaging digital content that delivers automatically along with bespoke timelines straight to mobile

  • Engagedly


    Engagedly is a new age performance management software that redefines performance appraisals by simplifying and incorporating elements of employee engagement into the performance review process. With Engagedly its clients can get 360 Feedback and continuous performance reviews done easily. Engagedly also incorporates employee engagement tools within the performance review process by elegantly dovetailing social, ideas, communication, rewards and recognition, alignment of company values, pulse surveys, learning modules and more

  • O.C. Tanner

    O.C. Tanner

    O.C. Tanner develops strategic employee recognition and reward solutions that help people accomplish and appreciate great work. Thousands of clients globally use our cloud-based technology, tools, and awards to provide meaningful recognition for their employees. O.C. Tanner’s charitable strategy is to support the environment, arts, education, children, and organisations that are meaningful to its employees

  • WorkJam


    WorkJam increases sales conversion drives down labor costs, lowers absenteeism and attrition rates, improves compliance, optimizes labor in relation to demand, and improves the customer experience through a more motivated and engaged workforce. For employees, WorkJam delivers more control over their schedule providing work-life balance, as well as the opportunity to develop skills, improve sales acumen and maximize their earnings and advancing their economic well-being